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Overall Corrections and Questions (updated 12.15.2018):

When does the Weed Killer get sprayed?
..Performed 12.07.2018

Are the Drip Systems being eliminated from our Contract?
..Jose added Bubblers to all three Stations. All Stone Duties complete.
..There are underground breaks in the watering systems to be repaired under the Grass and Northern Steps.
..All Irrigation corrected 12.13.2018 (Andreas).

Making sure any Fines for any-and-all Infractions submitted by the City of Palmdale by storing Materials in the Street are paid from our Contact Price.
..Have not received Citation from Parking Enforcement yet.

When will they correct the Bender-Board to Grass Junction?
..Raphael and Juan 12.08.2018 relocated the Bender-Board and trimmed the Grass to match. Returned the Stone to it's original position.

When will they raise the Grass to match the Pavers?
..Raphael and Juan state they are not here 12.08.2018 to mate the Level of the Grass to the Pavers, but will report the need for it to be done.
..There is a Wrinkle in the Grass from the BenderBoard Correction they state will be smoothed out during this Correction.
..There is an underground break in the watering system to Station #1
..Grass has been raised 12.14.2018 (Daniel and Juan) and Irrigation Corrected 12.13.2018 (Andreas)

When will they correct the Gaps in the Paver Junctions?
..Arturo and Adriene 12.09.2018 corrected the Gapping.

When will the Puddling on the Pavers be corrected?
..Arturo and Adriene 12.09.2018 corrected the Puddling Issues.

Pavers. Northern Steps:
..There are underground breaks in the watering systems for Station #2 and #3.
..Andreas has Corrected ALL
Irrigation and rebuilt Northern Steps.

..'Holidays' in Stones. Can we arrange for additional Stones?



..Notice 'Holidays' in Stones. Did Take-off. Got 2600 sq. ft. to coincide with Jose's Take-off. 14 yds. delivered and installed. Material seems a couple yards short.
Could we arrange for additional Rock?


..Daniel and Juan Raise Grass to match Pavers.


..Andreas corrects ALL Irrigation Breaks and reBuilds Northern Steps.


..Watering Systems. Bubblers were added to existing Systems by Jose and Juan. We see Jose completed in his duties.
..There are underground breaks @ Grass and Northern Steps. Jose Capped Off Station #3 to protect the Northern Steps.


..the Paver Issues... Gaps and Puddling... have been corrected by Arturo and Adriene.


..the Grass-to-BenderBoard Transition is corrected by Raphael and Juan. The Pavers-to-Grass Transition has not been corrected.


..Weed Killer is sprayed by Jose.


..Puddling on Pavers.


..Unacceptable Gaps in Pavers.

..Gaps so wide between the Grass and Bender Board that Stones fit in.


..The Dangerous Transition between the Grass and Pavers.


..Bender Board to Grass Gaps.

..Width of Front Steps @ 41" (Modular Spacing) as agreed upon instead of the 36" as was being Laid Out.


..Grass Damage from Sidewalk Removal.


..Artistic Rendition of understood Layout, Colors, and Duties.

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..the Renditions Page.


..the Communications Page.




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